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Emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach that brings it all together.

Industrial Design

Industrial designers at P9 apply a strategic problem-solving process to bridge the gap between what is and what could be. We begin this journey with thorough observation and various research methodologies to uncover unmet needs and gain a solid foundation to build upon. By carefully aligning the requirements of our clients with these unmet needs, we will often encounter unique opportunities from which to expand beyond the initial objectives. In addition to being user-friendly, visually distinctive, and attractive, our designs are also durable and economical to manufacture, leading to 90+% of them going to market.

Incorporating a variety of visualization methods, such as sketches, 3D CAD, photorealistic renderings, and 3D printed models throughout the design phase, we help our clients realize the full potential of their vision. All of our work is done on-site, allowing for streamlined workflows and immediate cohesion between teams.


Requiring a deep understanding of technology, materials, and manufacturing, the team at P9 seamlessly integrates all areas of expertise with outstanding results. All of our concept models are built and proven on-site in our new state-of-the-art facility, complete with a prototyping workshop.

We build products that make sense and people love to use by providing real-world solutions to our client's toughest challenges. Discovering and creating valuable IP opportunities and delivering innovation around every turn, our work speaks for itself.


The same user interface (UI) analysis, workflow, interface design, and comprehensive testing are applied to all innovation products in development, regardless of the complexity of the controls. The spectrum of programs we design for ranges from physical products to digital products, apps, and even AR platforms. Whether it’s a lifesaving surgical device or a family fun cookie press, our objective remains the same: to make the product’s use as intuitive, simple, safe, and repeatable as possible.

At P9, the customer journey (UX) is not just about the operation of the product but also about the entire lifecycle from purchase, packaging, installation or start-up, and customer support. We take great pride in our ability to constantly please and delight the consumer at every step along the way, and P9 is rewarded with honors and 4.5 / 5.0 reviews! Every invested party who touches the product, from support to the installation, repair, and even disposal, is part of our research process.

When it comes to physical products, we take pride in the “out of the box” experience we provide our customers because it instills a high level of confidence. For digital products and apps, we leverage both our internal research facility to play out every use case scenario, and our innovation facility to constantly discover compelling and meaningful solutions.

Graphic Design

Whether it is a legacy brand or a new brand that P9 develops for your project, we are your true brand ambassadors. We honor and protect brands while creating successful retail packaging, website design, digital and print marketing materials, apps, advertising, and more. From the outset of each project, our graphics team seamlessly collaborates with the rest of P9’s business units.

Our work in retail packaging development alone includes everything from consumer testing to retail adjacency studies, brand extensions, and planogram design.

Creating digital assets is yet another core capability. Our team develops a wide variety of sales and marketing content, from short and long videos to product animations and social media ads.

Our graphics team ensures that your brand’s shared values are represented consistently across all the touchpoints with the consumer.

User Research

P9 is an industry leader in extracting valuable consumer insights from research. We conduct research studies on a daily basis, either in our exclusive private facility (under our roof), nationwide, or globally. P9 is fully committed to the entire research journey, from screener development to recruitment, moderating sessions, and even the creation of a specific methodology for every new study. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the project, whether it is the study of drying hair, cooking a meal, or taking critical vital signs.

As P9 is a full-service innovation company, what makes us unique is that our designers and engineers are actively involved in the early stages of research, allowing them to gain firsthand knowledge of the pitfalls and opportunities associated with every effort.

Methodologies range from in-homes to one-on-ones, focus groups, and online. Your timelines and budget are always taken into consideration when designing a study that uses the best tools. We have everything you need, from a test kitchen to a customized living room, babies’ room, and bathroom. All these are available and created in our facilities, equipped with both interview and mirrored observation rooms.

Our insight translation and generation phase is perhaps the most unique of all. Unlike typical research facilities that end their services at a report, P9 builds and delivers a final ideation presentation based on the insights we have gleaned from our research.

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